Tips and DIY

As our core business is roofing sheeting material, polycarbonate roofsheeting and structural timber our first tip will be, on using the right building materials as well as basic guidelines on installing a carport correctly. Always ensure your timber is treated and sabs approved, preferably bought from Global. Once we have the right timber we need to ensure the size of the timber is in accordance with the approved plans. Most plans will specify a timber rafter spacing not exceeding 1.2m and timber purlin spacing not exceeding 850mm,this is in accordance to the national building regulation. Always make use of a line level to ensure your timber is all level, not forgetting a slight fall not less than 3 degrees, all dependent however on the span of your roof. Once all your timber has been properly installed with the correct brackets screws and plugs. The next step is to decide on whether the timber should be varnished or painted with non-drip enamel paint. Good advice here is let the wife decide. As with all painting, preparation of the surface is key. Whether you paint or varnish please  ensure that a light sand is done before applying the first coat of paint .Allow for 2 to 3 hours drying time between coats, at least 3 cotes are required . The next step is to install your roofsheeting, most plans will specify not less than 85% of light is required for areas where there are doors and windows. thus the best combination of roofsheeting to use is either only polycarbonate roofsheeting or both zincalume roofsheets together with polycarbonate roofsheets. when using zincalume  roofsheets make sure you use class 3 corrosion free screws as any other screw will rust overtime. make sure you have all your tools before starting the  projects as well as all building materials  required to complete the job, pop into one of our hardware stores in cape town for sound expert advice. happy building.